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Need BP Developer – Integration with an MMORPG

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    Hello, I am making a social community for the #1 Free to Play MMO called RuneScape, and I am requesting a developer to say if they would be able to do the following things:

    1) Create a random avatar which is made through selecting a random image [isn't generated] (~$10 based on quality)

    Avatars can be hosted in a way that reduces server load.

    2) When registering and a user types in there character’s username, information about the level of their skills is grabbed from the official high scores and is displayed on there profile.

    To access a ‘light’ version of a character’s high scores simply go to the following address:

    A range of other sites do this such as:

    There also was a plugin which did something similar which was made for wordpress see:


    3) A plugin which creates a dynamic signature for users which returns how many followers they have see: for the plugin which adds following functionality.

    Would need to have features which would stop server strain, such as being able to be hosted on a CDN or something that would reduce server load.

    Would look something like and would have options of having direct code, BBCode and HTML code.

    (~$25) – Guess that would also depend of GFX ability

    That’s all I have for now, if you think you can do something but not all of it I can pay you based on what parts you think you can do.

    Reply if you are interested with whichever you think you can do. Leave your email if serious.

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