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New HTML Emails are still sent even when Email Customization is disabled

  • I just turned Email Customization OFF, but BuddyPress is still sending the emails from Welcome-Pack. (ie, it is sending the HTML emails, not the plain text standard emails sent before)

    I like the Email Customization feature – but need some time to format and translate emails, etc.

    Tip: allow to edit emails templates, texts and translations with Email Customization turned off. The “new” emails are immediately sent, so my members get different emails than intended. This is especially worry some as my site is in Spanish. So, turning Email Customization On automatically means that all messages are now sent in English, instead of Spanish. It takes time to – again – translate. And, one needs a plugin like WPML to translate emails.

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  • I must have spent a couple of days trying to figure out this i18n support. It’s not been overlooked. In theory, it ought to have been picked up IF the translation files (.mo etc) were set up correctly before installing Welcome Pack. Was this the case?

    ‘… it ought to have been picked up IF the translation files…’

    Paul – with “it”, are you referring to the issue A) disabling of Email Customization or B) Language?

    The language files did work correctly before activating welcome-pack, ie, the site showed in Spanish and BP emails where sent in Spanish.

    To solve the A) issue, I disabled the whole plugin :(

    Language. Thanks for letting me know it is not working as intended. I think I’ll try to spend a day soon, maybe at the weekend, to going through all the welcome pack bugs that people have found.

    Cool Paul – I’ll help translate your plugin. Yet, the most important issue is that disabling Email Customizationdoes not work (for me)

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    Justin Mason


    Thanks for the great plugin.

    Posting here to confirm this issue is occurring in v3.1. No translations are being utilized in my install. Welcome pack emails are disabled yet it persists. The only way to prevent the themed emails from inserting themselves in my mailings is to delete the plugin completely.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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