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New owner wanted

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    I have built a couple of sites with buddypress. My first, and hence still close to my heart is

    However, as is often the case, after a promising start, over the last 18 months I have simply not had enough time to develop and maintain it.

    Having spent a lot of time personally working on it, as well as hiring others to tailor specific functionality, I am loathe to just let it all go to waste. So I wondered if anyone would be interested in taking it on, or has suggestions for someone who might be interested.

    It needs some updating and ironing out of bugs, but is 90% of the way to being a pretty decent site for someone with the time and skill to spend on it.

    To whet your appetite please check it out and read my ‘sales pitch’ below (although obviously I’m not looking for any money here, this is an adoption, not a sale)

    If you do have any thoughts please drop me a line.



    Footybible is a social network aimed at amateur and casual footballers.

    It allows people to pick and organise teams and arrange their friends into different tactics and formations (a bit like the computer game ‘championship manager’) and then send this to them, as a much more exciting way of organising their weekly kickarounds or Sunday league games. 

    It also allows them to create profiles, add friends, write blogs and updates, create groups, upload match reports etc etc.

    The site is built on WordPress/Buddypress. All it needs now is some ironing out, as well as promotion and attention to drive up the traffic levels.

    This is where you will find the area of most interest:


    1) Click on \’create a team\’

    2) Fills in  Team name, description (e.g. opponents), where and when

    3) Select \’Game type\’. This is where the type of football and formation comes in. So if it was fiveaside you might choose 1-2-1. If it was 11 aside 4-4-2 or 4-3-3.

    4) Once game -type is chosen, a list of positions is brought up. So for 4-4-2, this would be goalkeeper, left back etc.

    5) In these positions you can write in the names of your friends. If they are also a member of, it will bring them up their avatar as you type them and allow you to select them. You will need to have added a friend to see this in action.

    6) Once you\’ve finished this and submitted the page you can then click on the \’game page\’ which then updates on a real time basis to tell you who can and can\’t play.


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