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New to BP – Seeking to know if it can do the following

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    Want to develop a site with this basic purpose:

    “A bicycle registry website for a particular city based on social networking. Each member signs up their bike as a profile with a picture of it, serial number information, mods, and a status. When the status changes to “stolen”, members in the area are emailed and/or tweeted about the theft with a picture of the bike. The site will have personal messaging setup for members to contact each other about found bikes.”

    Would this functionality be part of BP or more like a certain twitter plugin? Looking for suggestions and advice..thx!

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    Yes, you could create this but it would require custom coding. Great idea for using BP. The profile fields can be set up for the required info. The emailing members part is where the custom coding would come into play. You can use WP-Cron to find members with a profile field set to stolen and then execute a notification which will result in an email.

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    Also I’d suggest you add a site wide forum for discussion of bike related topics

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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