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Not able to send message to Site Admin (even if he’s a member of the group)

  • The group admin can send a message to all the members of the group.. and this works fine. But, consider this case…

    My site admin’s username is… admin!
    I have an open group registration… which means anyone can register a new group.
    So, i have a new user (test1) who starts a new group… and sets up the welcome mail.
    now, the site admin (admin), goes ahead and joins this new group (he gets the welcome mail fine)
    But here is where the problem takes place…
    when the group admin (test1), wants to message all members of the group… he goes to the appropriate place, and shoots off a message… everyone gets that message (including the group admin… test1)… but NOT the site admin (admin) who is a member of this group… but other members are fine.

    So… the message is not going to the SITE ADMIN only… any reason, or am i missing something?


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