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Page title and CSS issues

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    I’m running Buddypress 1.8 and WordPress 3.5.2. I’m using Paula’s theme from Themeforest but unfortunately I weren’t able to get proper support from them concerning my problem.

    Basically Buddypress wasn’t working at all after the installation. So I copied the page.php file from the bp-default theme folder into Paula’s theme folder (I found that solution posted by another user) and now the pages and everything are showing up correctly.

    However I keep having problems when I go inside a member’s profile. I just get code showing up in page, on the top right below the admin bar. It’s like: (username)”/>. It seems like a porting of code is being injected… Also the page title that appears in the browser’s tabs, etc is coming out blank. Using bp-default theme everything works great.

    Can you guys give me some tips about which modifications I might need to make?


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    @brunodavid some premium WP themes have proprietary templating systems which prevent BP automagically inserting BP component parts into the_title and the_content of the theme’s page.php.

    We don’t have access to the premium theme, but what has worked with others copying your theme’s page.php file and save it as buddypress.php then open up buddypress.php and change theme’s original template tags and HTML structure into the_title and the_content in the appropriate places. for more info

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