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Placing Badges Alongside User Name

  • I swear I’ve seen this before – I want users’ unlocked Achievements badges to be displayed as small icons (thumbs) alongside their name at the top of their profile. Also, when they reply or comment in a group or forum, I want their badges to show right there beside their name and avatar.

    My site is largely instructional, so when users post questions I want them to be able to easily distinguish high quality sources.

    Any help on this is greatly appreciated

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    You could do this for the profile, but I don’t think it would be best if you make this happen on a members list…it’ll work but I don’t know if it’s the best way as far as a members lists,group, forums go.

    you’ll need to style it according to your liking.

    ` //this is for the members list, you will need to get the right user id depending where you are trying to accomplish this

    <a href="”>


    Probably a better way to do this is just show the user’s score, something like



    Thanks, I’ll try this out – which file should I put this in?

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    Thanks! After trying both, I think I like the badges better – I won’t be emphasizing total points much on my site, more like “levels” through the use of the badges. A couple followup questions (pardon my lack of PHP knowledge):

    1) I like this being in the members list alongside the user name, is there a way to pull it in beside users’ names when they comment or reply in a thread? Which file would I edit?

    2) This might seem like an easy one – when inserting your code above, how can I resize the badge image to something a little smaller? When beside the name, the full badge icon is a little much.

    3) How can I apply this to the top of users’ profile? I’d like their badge icons to be visible in the top right corner of the member-header. Kind of a quick-view of their “level” without having to click into their Achievements tab.

    Sorry for all the questions, much appreciated!

    I figured out how to manage these, but after playing around with the badges on the profile, I’m leaning more towards the solution you mentioned in, which included appending a label based on score. I think it is just cleaner this way, just have to figure out how!

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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