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Possible bug: Deleted Users not reducing the number of times an Achievement has been unlocked

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    Not sure if anyone else has noticed this but it seems deleting a user doesn’t reduce the count of unlocking an achievement. Rightly or wrongly I have an achievement you get for joining the site but this means spammers get it. I have had to delete a number of users so have a blown out count on that achievement ( Not a huge issue but thought I would report it.


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  • Hi Molly
    I have just caught up reply to my blog comments, and I saw your message. I’m going to sort out this bug this weekend and get a new version of Achievements out either this weekend or early next week.

    This is fixed now in the upcoming 2.0.3 release. To correct numbers on existing Achievements where you’ve found this problem, you will need to ban (or mark as a spammer) a user account who has unlocked that Achievement.

    I’d suggest creating a new dummy user account, use your admin account to give every achievement to the dummy account, and then delete (or mark as spammer) the dummy account.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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