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Problem Plugin: Rating-Widget

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    I installed WordPress 3.2, the BuddyPress plugins 1.5.1. Then I installed the plugin “Rating-widget” 1.4.0 and found the following problem:
    When I click in the “activities” to be logged-in user, I get the correct buttons to vote at the activities and comments on every single activity, but when I access the user is not logged by the same section, the page goes into loop and the browser goes crash. Opening the file “widget.php-rating,” I came to understand that the problem lies in the function “rw_display_activity_comment_rating” line 3157. Commenting then the code line 3013-3016
    / * if (true === $ items [" enabled "]) {
    / / Hook-activity rating showup comment.
    add_filter (“bp_get_activity_content”, array (& $ this, “rw_display_activity_comment_rating”));
    } * /
    the problem is not presented, but of course I lost the ability to vote comments

    I tried to delete all of my wordpress plugin, thinking that there was some conflict with one another, but the result was the same.

    In your opinion, what is it?

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