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[Resolved] Why don’t you install the envolve chat plugin here?

  • Just curious because it integrates wonderfully with BP. Even if you just use the free version it supports up to 25 chatters. I don’t think I have ever really seen more than 10 people here at a time. It would be really nice to have that functionality! Thanks for listening to my request!

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    Well, this is really a support site rather than a social network, even if it does use BP, so a chat plugin of any kind is probably not appropriate (at least in my opinion).

    I can understand that but when I referred to the chat plugin I meant for it to be used to get live support.

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    ‘live support’ I think that’s an inappropriate idea really, it’s enough that one has free support avenues such as this; one to one support is a paid for type of service really.

    @travel-junkie @hnla After second thought I suppose you guys are right. Live support definitely is not an endeavor I would want to take on alone. Thanks for your thoughts on the matter though!

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