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Responsive issue for the custom sidebars in the Buddypress and BBpress pages

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    Maruti Mohanty


    Hi All,

    I am using flare theme which I have made compatible with @mercime ‘s help.
    Link to flare theme compatibility

    Now while working on the Bp pages I needed to have sidebars in most of the Bp pages and I have put them using the hooks provided by BP and adjusted them to place them at the place I wanted, But now I have issues for smaller screen The custom sidebars are not responsive.

    I have used the same structure for the custom side bars like used in the flare theme to give it the same look and feel but they are not responsive but where as when I have created many custom templates and used the same structure for the WP pages they behave responsive.

    Any help will be highly appreciated..
    Thanks in Advance

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    URI of BP template page which is not responsive and URI of a flare page with the layout you copied onto BP template would be good to help ID what was missed in the customization.

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