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Restrict access to slugs(*) by role

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    I’ve been looking for a plugin that will allow me to restrict access to certain slugs (and also every page that uses that slug), without me having to put the code into each page. I have tried Advanced Access Manager, which is caught in a loop (bug), I’ve tried a couple of others too, but can only manage to protect the pages within the ‘Pages’ menu in the WP admin.

    My problem is, that I have a few plugins (a wiki plugin being one of them), which are not on the ‘Pages’ sections of the admin as they are created by the plugin scripts, so I can’t protect them from members of a level too low to view them.

    Does anyone know of a plugin where I can input a slug with a wildcard (custom_slug* for example) into the admin of WP and choose to restrict all pages using that slug from being accessed by certain member roles?

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