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Sidebar Widget for Member Profile Page and Other Pages

  • I’m using a custom page template in wordpress and have it programmed so that the sidebar is unique and I can customize that with navigation and widgets. When I go to groups, members, forum or to edit my profile i only see my member avatar and name and am unable to see my custom sidebars. Is there a way to tell buddypress to use my custom side for those pages too?

    Also, I’m using buddybar, but the client doesn’t like all of the options listed. Is there a way to customize buddybar or do you have another sidebar widget that you’d recommend? I tried this plugin, but am not sure how it works:
    I did find that it resets the bp sidebars as other people have noticed too.

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  • I’m also wondering if it’s easier to build a custom sidebar with shortcodes? If so, where can I find the shortcodes?

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