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Social Network For Professionals

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    I need excellent buddypress developers to help me setup a social network for professionals.

    Here’s a list of do’s:
    A Directory for/of Professionals
    1. Directory Listing of Members by Criteria (Profession or others)
    2. Extended Members Profile ADD/DELETE/EDIT (Name, Address, Picture, Education)
    3. Rotate/Displays Selected Members Pic on homepage
    4. Login Registration or Facebook
    5. Mobile Version: access website using mobile devices
    6. Public / Private Chat: Members can chat with each other.
    7. Forum
    8. Moderators Login
    9. Admin Login
    10. Groups: Members can create groups
    11. Projects: Members can start projects and invite other members to join (kind of groups)
    12. Picture Upload and Sharing
    13. Home Page / News: Post News Articles or Events
    14. Event Calendar


    15. Blog/Forum
    16. Job Posting by Companies

    You can view my interactions on this forum:

    You can check out this Linkedin clone for more ideas:
    Login to the user and admin to get a feel of what I want.

    Looking forward to getting your replies.


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Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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