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The Vietnam Guide for people traveling and living in Vietnam

  • The Vietnam Guide for people living and traveling to Vietnam. Foreginers / expats can get support from community and The Vietnam Guide Volunteers . You also can get free tour guide to Saigon and Hanoi.

    The website uses Buddypress with following plugins which I want to send many thanks to the authors:
    – Achievements and Welcome Pack from Paul Gibbs
    – bbPress
    – BuddyPress Activity Plus from Ve Bailovity (Incsub)
    – BuddyPress Group Email Subscription rom Deryk Wenaus, boonebgorges
    – BuddyPress Mobile and BuddyPress Share It from modemlooper
    – Invite Anyone from Boone Gorges
    – WP-FB-AutoConnect (premium version) from Justin Klein

    If you are going to travel or live in Vietnam, tell me, I will be your guide.
    Welcome all,
    PS: For anyone who wants to ask me questions, mention me, otherwise I may miss you. I hope someone could tell me some assessments and comments on my site also. Would be appreciate any feedback :)

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    That is a great looking site and looks pretty active. Did you pay for the theme? Also I want to ask how you are faring with the use of Groups and a Forum. Are users figuring out the differences between them? And are you getting any spam?

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    OMG @neononcon please tell me how I could be forgiven for my silly delay? Chaos ‘s reigned in my world for a couple of months and I forgot about Buddypress until it turns to wonderful 1.6.
    – Yeah, Theme paid.
    – Too bad I did not notice about the confused users when both Sidewide and Group’s forums are enabled and now I do not know how to do. But I wonder why Buddypress team does not make this better blending the use of them.
    – No spam! Wangward, Akismet and WordPress Hashcash have destroyed them while I was having coffee.

    PS: For anyone who wants to ask me questions, mention me, otherwise I may miss you.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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