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“This group does not have a forum setup yet”

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    I have now gone through this twice and ended up with the same problem.

    I go through new buddypress install, set it all up and go to work customizing the content. I only use group forums (no site wide forums).

    Once I install BuddyPress Groups Extras I can no longer create new forums and I can not figure out how to back out. I simple must start from scratch again.

    Prior to installing BuddyPress Groups Extras I can create new forum topics in my groups. After installing BuddyPress Groups Extras every time I try to start a new forum topic I get the following error message:

    “This group does not have a forum setup yet.”

    I’ve uninstalled BuddyPress Groups Extras but still the same.

    Not sure what to do next, beside not use BuddyPress Groups Extras anymore.

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  • soory for my bad english
    hi guys , i have same problem ,ofcource i dont install the Groups Extras plugin, but i can not creat
    new topic in any forum of my site
    the problem message is ” This group does not have a forum setup yet “
    in the past week me and the other users of the group have not any problem.but now we have it.
    i uninstalled any plugin that i use in my site (else buddypress) but the problem still not fix.
    i change the buddypress ver 1.5.5 to 1.5.0 but still not work.
    please help us frinds.thank’s a lot

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