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Undo BuddyPress – for now

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    I got away from my orginal plan for a specialized website and added buddypress to it when a group indicated they needed it. Now, they don’t need it, and I would like to undo. I read several “how-tos”, but they seem to be for much earlier buddypress versions. The steps I have taken only seem to have made things worse. I may decide later to add it, but want to eliminate now. Could you help? In case you need to know how I may have made it worse – first I deactivated the theme. Then I activated back and switched to the original theme planned to use. Then I unchecked all the components, pages, etc. Headings still there on the site. Nearly blank pages, etc. Note to return to compatible theme, etc.

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  • Go to dashboard/plugins and deactivate the buddypress plugin. Just deactivating the bp-default theme is not going to do the trick.

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    Hi, I tried that prior to the above. Tried it again when I received your guidance. Didn’t work.
    Any help is appreciated.

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    What didn’t work? All you can do or need to do is deactivate the BP plugin then activate the theme you wish to use, you might though want to unpublish the BP specific blank pages.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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