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User Entered Passwords Aren't Working! (New PW being generated at Activation)

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    Heya guys,

    Our users are having an issue with activation. For some reason it started going wrong recently – possibly after we upgraded to BP 1.1.3, but I can’t say for sure when because many users may have just assumed they forgot their password and used the PW reset function.

    When a user signs up, they provide their password twice, and it gets saved as an MD5 Hash to the _signups table… then, when they activate their account via the link in the activation email, their account is activated fine, but a new MD5 Hash is generated.

    I’ve looked into the code and it clearly states something along the lines of -> take hashed password from signup_meta and copy it to _users table entry for that user. For some reason though, in the database, the two hashes don’t match up

    (Hence no new users can log in)

    The reset password functionality works fine, however.

    Can anyone shed any light on this?

    Many many thanks!

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    Wait.. sorry guys I might have fixed it :P

    Looks like an action I added to the signup process was missing a return; !

    Just waiting for a few people to test it to confirm and will reply back here if there’s still a problem.


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    There’s not supposed to be any generated password upon activation in 1.1.3. No passwords are ever sent by email in 1.1.3. You may have missed something in the upgrade.

    We had noticed that the welcome email includes a wrong password, perhaps because of different encryption between WP and BP. The password that was entered upon registration still works.

    Note that in 1.1.3 the WPMU is disabled by default. To bring it back you have to remove a function from the core files.

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    Is it possible to have the welcome email include the RIGHT password? (i.e. the password that was entered upon registration)

    Any idea how?

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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