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Version 0.6 Released: New Mode added, Widgets can blocked/unblocked by widget id…

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    I’ve released a new version of the plugin.

    Widgets are now always blocked on any theme, and you can have better control over which widgets are blocked or not blocked to logged out visitors.

    There is a new mode where you can allow full access to your site and block certain pages/areas of your site. This works in the opposite way of the default mode where all pages are blocked and you can unblock some public pages/areas of your site.

    I’ve also added a demo site where you can see the plugin in action:

    The demo site has some extra notes on it too and shows you the config file used.

    For more information see the FAQs.

    Finally, if your site is not on the root of your domain or subdomain, then you’ll have to update your config file. There were changes made so that the plugin works the same on root domains and sub directories. See the change log for more information. In the future, you shouldn’t have to make any changes when the plugin is updated.

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