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Video Must Be Public on YouTube to Display

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    Just figured this out and thought it might help others too. I’m using oEmbed and tried embedding a video that was first private, then I changed the status in YouTube to unlisted, so anyone with the link could watch it. No go. It has to be public. Otherwise, all that shows up is the text.

    I had wanted to keep the video private for my students only, but that’s not possible. Not a problem, just glad I figured it out!

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    This has turned out to be a bigger issue than I previously thought. Any screencast, video, or other tutorial I upload to YouTube has to be public to display in BuddyPress, which pretty much negates the whole point of having paid website content. I develop and deliver online courses, but if people can see the videos publicly on YouTube, that’s a real deterrent to paying the course fee.

    Any way around this on other whitelisted oembed sites? Thanks!

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    == I upload to YouTube has to be public to display in BuddyPress ==

    This is a known behavior whether you embed regular YouTube videos in HTML, ASP, PHP, etc. Check out premium Vimeo service

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    You can also check out Videopress. There’s a plugin:

    … that works with hosting on

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    When YouTube updates their oEmbed spec to include their new, unlisted video feature, then this could become an option for you, @mariapeagler.

    mercime also lists Vimeo Plus as an option. Supposedly, their oEmbed spec includes support for their domain level privacy option, which will allow you to embed private videos on your domain only. Costs $60 / yr.

    I tweeted Vimeo and this is what they had to say:

    `as long as the video isn’t totally private, you’ll get the embed code [from oEmbed] back.`

    `if the “who can see this video” option is set to “nobody else” you won’t get anything back from oEmbed. `

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    FYI the WordPress oembed functionality does NOT embed unlisted Youtube videos, just displays a text link :(

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