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Want Single User Login – Main URL and Subdomain Each With a WP Install

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    Main URL: (membership directory site) = BuddyPress 1.8.1, S2 Member 130816, and WP 3.6 – This is the registration site that contains the user profile that consists of both S2 Member and BuddyPress fields.

    To see main site’s function: and use zip code search: 33756 to see the directory and select a member to see the profile.

    Did NOT want members to use WordPress for blogging. Our WordPress theme is NOT compatible with the BuddyPress Plug-ins for blogging or forums. (Wanted blogging from a tab within their profile, but theme doesn’t support)

    Here is what we have done so far: Created a Sub-domain (for member blog) = BuddyPress 1.8.1, S2 Member 130816, and WP 3.6.
    Due to customization, can’t use WPMU. (this site is currently secured)

    Want the user to either login to main site and have automatic access to blog on sub-domain or IF they have to also login to blog on sub-domain, to be able to use same login from main site.

    Do NOT want duplicate profiles in each, but do want the blog post to link back to member profile page on main site.

    Each install has its own database.

    QUESTION: Can we share the member information from our MAIN site by pointing our sub-domain site to some of the tables in the main site database? How?

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