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Weird (?) 404 errors with PageLines v3 aka DMS

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    Preamble: I do know that PageLines, like some other frameworks, is (I should say was, see below) not really “BuddyPress friendly”… ;) But until now i.e. using PageLines v2 + BP template pack + somme CSS/LESS, most things were OK after a few headaches.

    I’m testing the brand new Pagelines v3 aka DMS (free or pro, whatever: amazing product btw) + WP 3.6. + BuddyPress 1.8.1 (which is supposed to be the best friend of most themes out of the box, right :) ?) on fresh local or live self-hosted installations/databases + atm, did not change anything in templates for instance (page.php calling DMS template, period).

    All the “main BuddyPress pages” (i.e. Register, Members, Activity,…) do display properly. All the info is there, out of the box styling is pretty good, etc. Hallelujah! PageLines is finally almost BuddyPress friendly (no more template pack, no more PageLines styling plugin for BuddyPress)!

    BUT, BUT, wait, here come the weird issue: while it works when I switch to Twenty Thirteen or BP Default, all other “user” links render a 404 error: /members/admin/profile/public/, or /membres/member1/profile/edit/group/1/, or /membres/admin/groups/, etc.

    Any idea?

    Many many thanks in advance!

    Best regards.

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    Same issue for me as well.

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    I’ve been having the same issue for months. I was hoping it would be fixed in the latest update but it’s still broken. I’m having the issue whenever I try to create a group.

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