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Why does filtering the friends archive remove custom side bar?

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    So given the following structure:

    <div id=”buddypress”
    <div id=”item-header” role=”complementary”></div>
    <div id=”item-body” role=”main”></div>
    <div id=”custom-fixed-sidebar”></div>

    What in the buddypress code is making the custom-fixed-sidebar div disappear when I use the sort of the friends archive page? I would assume it is just ajax rewriting the html of item-body, but due to the custom-fixed-sidebar div being removed I figure that this isn’t in fact the case. But if it were rewriting the whole buddypress div then I would assume the custom-fixed-sidebar would still be included in that markup, given it is in the template. I have attempted adding role=”complementary” to the custom-fixed-sidebar div, to no avail. Would love if some BP wizards could come spread some knowledge :)

    WP 3.9, BP 2.0, can’t provide link to site

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Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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