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BuddyPress SMF Import

Version: 0.9.7
Requires: WP 2.9.2, BP 1.2.3
Compatible up to: WP 3.0, BP 1.2.4

This plugin imports boards and users from SMF 1.1x forums to BuddyPress (forums) / WordPress (users) Features: Preserves current WordPress users if name exists Create groups for forums after import (optional) Main plugin adds admin panel for all functions Separate plugin successively conve…

Inactivity Auto Sign Out Plugin

Version: 0.2
Requires: ??? Try it!
Compatible up to: 3.0.5

This plugin automatically logs a user out after a certain period of time of inactivity. It creates new meta data for each WP user and checks that the user hasn't been inactive for too long. If the user has been inactive for too long, then the user is automatically logged out and redirected to a URL …


Version: 0.1.4
Requires: 3.0
Compatible up to: 3.0.5

Achtung! Dies ist eine Entwickler-Version, ausschließlich zum Testen geeignet! Informationen zur aktuellen Version siehe Du möchtest ein Social Network betreiben, und dabei nicht auf die Funktionalität von WordPress verzi…

BuddyPress Better Pagination

Version: 1.0
Requires: 2.9.1 BP 1.2
Compatible up to: 3.0.1 BP
Rating: 1 stars2 stars3 stars4 stars5 stars

This simple plugin does three things: adds pagination links at the bottom of all directories in BuddyPress - in groups, forums, members, friends, blogs, messages. Allows you to set how many items show per page in the (go to BUddyPress -> Better Pagination in the WP back end) Makes the paginat…

BuddyPress Group Activity Notifications

Version: 1.4 trunk
Requires: 2.9.1

!!!!!THIS PLUGIN IS NO LONGER SUPPORTED!!!!! It is recommended that you instead move to BuddyPress Group Email Subscription: !!!!!THIS PLUGIN IS NO LONGER SUPPORTED!!!!! This plugin enables email notifications to all group …

WP-MUI - Mass User Input - Add and Export WP Users Quickly

Version: 1.8
Requires: 2.8
Compatible up to: 3.01

WP-MUI (Mass User Entry) allows a WordPress blog administrator to quickly create new users in the WordPress user database. Data entry could be done solely using the keyboard. Various AJAX functions assist you by validating data on the fly. Additionally, there are functions for automatically genera…

Buddypress Group CSS

Version: 0.8.8
Requires: 2.9.2 (BP 1.2.x)
Compatible up to: 3.0.5

Allows a Buddypress group administrator to customise their group with CSS via the "Group Custom CSS" tab under the group's Admin page. Also supports preset themes. NOTE: Even though this plugin can just be dropped in and used on your site, the css in the code is only really garaunteed to work with …

Buddypress Featured Conversation Widget

Version: 0.1
Requires: 2.9
Compatible up to: 2.9.2

A widget that displays a selected BuddyPress activity conversation, based off Justin Tadlock's example widget.…

Biblefox for WordPress

Version: 0.8.3
Requires: 3.0
Compatible up to: 3.0.5

Turns your WordPress site into an online Bible study tool. Creates a Bible index for your WordPress site, allowing your users to easily search your blog posts (or BuddyPress activities, when using BuddyPress) for any Bible reference. Use it for WordPress sites that involve a lot of discussion of the…

Switch Site Rewrite

Version: 1.0
Requires: 3.0
Compatible up to: 3.0.5

Fixes permalinks when using 'switch_to_blog' on multi-site/multi-network installation of WordPress.…

Viewing 521 to 530 (623)
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