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FindBoo Search Widget

Version: 1.1
Requires: 2.8
Compatible up to: 3.1.4

FindBoo provides all in one search , play, listen for videos, music audio, games and software from YouTube, Google Video, Hulu, Truveo,, HeyZap and ZoomInfo. At the same time from result pages you can click on search result (in thumbnail view) to either watch the video, listen to music or ra…

BuddyPress Group Topic Tags

Version: .5
Requires: 3.0.5 (BP 1.2.7)
Compatible up to: 3.1.4

This humble plugin shows a tag cloud of all the topic tags for just a single buddypress group. It is displayed above the group forum directory. If You are using the default BP theme it will also show in the sidebar when viewing a single group. This plugin is still a work in progress. When you click…

BuddyPress Russian Months

Version: 0.4
Requires: BuddyPress 1.0
Compatible up to: BuddyPress 1.2.8

Plugin will transform wrong months' cases (in date) to proper ones (according Russian grammar rules). Examples: * not "28 September" but "28 сентября" (Eng->Ru); * not "28 Сентябрь" but "28 сентября" (incorrect Ru->correct RU) Visit for more information…

Simple CRM BuddyPress Addon

Version: 0.1
Requires: WordPress 3.0
Compatible up to: WordPress 3.1.1

Simple CRM is a WordPress plugin that lets you define custom fields to extend user profiles and it is also a framework for integration with all kind of CRM API webservices. BuddyPress addon can export and import XProfile data to it. Plugin sponsored by…

Easy Albums - Buddypress users create and share images, video and audio albums - the easy way.

Version: 1.0.0
Requires: WordPress 3.1.1, BuddyPress 1.2.8
Compatible up to: WordPress 3.1.1 / BuddyPress 1.2.8
Rating: 1 stars2 stars3 stars4 stars5 stars

One professional plugin handles all your multimedia needs Visit Plugin website >> : Your Buddypress users will be able to: * Add Image galleries * Add Slideshows and photo albums * Add Video * Add Music playlists * Add Podcast and mp3 * Customize the privacy of their albums * Share …

Buddypress Mass Messaging

Version: 1.2
Requires: 2.9
Compatible up to: 3.0.5

Allows sending of individual messages to all Buddypress users.…

BuddyPress Maps

Version: 0.30
Requires: WP 2.9.1, BuddyPress 1.2
Compatible up to: WP 3.0-alpha, BuddyPress 1.2.2

BuddyPress Maps is a component that allows to find and display location markers on a Google Map. It includes several plugins to work with BuddyPress and its API has been coded to allow others plugins to use the component. You can enable or disable those plugins : * Profile maps (for saving the user…

YD Profile Visitor Tracker

Version: 0.1.9
Requires: 2.9
Compatible up to: 3.1.4

Who has visited your profile? This plugin tracks and displays who has been visiting your profile or other personal pages in a WordPress / BuddyPress / WP+bbPress installation. An important “social” add-on to community-oriented sites. Use one template tag for the tracking, and another t…

BuddyPress Custom Posts

Requires: WordPress 3.1, BuddyPress 1.2.8
Compatible up to: 3.1.4

Project details, feature requests, the latest builds -- all available at…

BC oAuth

Version: 0.2
Requires: 3.1
Compatible up to: 3.1.4

You can see a live demo on This is a first alpha version! This version is for testing only Strongly not recomendent for productive invironment …

Viewing 521 to 530 (661)
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