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  • WHEN the day started we thought the night would bring Nowhere Boy, instead it delivered â” laser pointer . Everywhere.The rain sounded the death knell for the opening night of Moonlight Cinema on Thursday. But, leaping from the sublime to the, um . . . we made our way to the La Femme Physique Australia fundraiser and calendar launch at the…[Read more]

  • This last revelation arose from a study by Princeton University which, astoundingly, revealed that pictures of scantily clad females turned women into sexual objects in the minds of men.
    The study, which could just as easily have been conducted by a pair of indigent alcoholics without them ever having to leave the safety of their cardboard boxes,…[Read more]

  • Members of the Indonesian House of Representatives’ special committee discussing the bill said lawmakers are working to ensure the bill does not have a negative effect on tourism, the Jakarta Post reported Friday.
    To further meet the needs of industry information applications, and promote teaching, training, information technology, network…[Read more]

  • Green pen name suggests, is “green laser pointer” is abbreviated, it can be called “Green Laser Pointer”, “focus-adjust Green Laser Pointer”, “flashlight pointed green star pen”, “Green Laser Pointer” and etc. Green pen is now the world’s most popular Laser Pointer, for green light is 6 times more than red light beam significantly, while the p…[Read more]

  • People were finding ways to beat the heat. There was the rare sight of women in laser pointer sunbathing Thursday in Kolomenskoye park in Moscow, while other people tried to cool off by soaking themselves in fountains and playing in water jets in the Russian capital, Belarus and other parts of Europe.
    But it hasn’t been all fun and games. The air…[Read more]

  • Authorities have gathered corroborating evidence of at least some of the gifts and are continuing their investigation, the Times said.
    ”Senator Torricelli has not engaged in any Purple Latex Stockings wrongdoing,” Torricelli attorney Theodore V. Wells Jr. said in a statement Tuesday. ”David Chang’s allegations are false.”
    Torricelli said he…[Read more]

  • “I’m one of the world’s greatest shoppers but I find shops are becoming more and more similar, selling the same things all round the world. Mind you, wherever I travel I manage to find irresistible places selling things that interest PVC Blue Long Stockings me design-wise. In London, for instance, Stephen Long (348 Fulham Road, SW10. Tel: 44 20…[Read more]

  • Value Many factors effect the value of a piece of jewellery -from its age and its designer to the material and craftsmanship.
    George Stackpoole, president of the Irish Antique Dealer’s Association (IADA) and the antiques expert on RTE’s Open House, said: “For those with money, big names such as Bulgari or Faberge obviously PVC Navy Blue Long…[Read more]

  • If a silk scarf is on your shopping list, drop by a Hermes boutique and ask for the Music of the Spheres design produced in aid of Pro Musicis, a foundation which assists emerging musicians as well as funding concerts for the Red Super Hero Lycra Costume elderly, underprivileged or disabled. The scarf ($ 1,870) features the 17th-century Medici…[Read more]

  • But guys are no longer shying from shining.
    “One day I just thought it would be cool to wear them,” said twentysomething Jasmin Purple Shiny Metallic Super Hero Costume Tremblay, who sports two cubic zirconium-encrusted earrings and a long zirconium necklace with a gold and silver pendant featuring Versace’s famous Medusa cameo.
    He’s worn that…[Read more]

  • Well, yes, some do. I met such a man, several years ago, in a meeting. He wore French cuff shirts and White Lycra Spandex Unisex Spiderman Zentai Costume. He wore a tie bar – that small, usually gold, rod that extends across the collar, forcing the tie’s knot to stick out in a continual flourish. He wore a tie clip, a device that looks like a wide…[Read more]

  • As long as you are not going in for Grunge this winter, Spider Hero Spandex Unisex Zentai Catsuit for men and women seem to be the hottest jewels in town. You can view the whole gamut of cufflink design at an exhibition at Sandra Cronan (18 Burlington Arcade, London W1, December 2-24). The exhibition, which shows zentai from their virtual…[Read more]

  • At the door, there is a bouncer, Junior, a minor celebrity in his own right, to keep the crowds costume spiderman under control. He has a guest list for Patrick Cox’s friends, so they won’t be kept waiting along with the hoi polloi. And as a result, scenes of pandemonium in the shop have become commonplace. One famous anecdote has two women…[Read more]

  • “Globalization can lead to monopolies and the exploitation of people and that is when it must be reined in, Catsuits” said Bertelli, who has a reputation for being both smart and impossible. Leaning back in his starkly furnished Milan office, which sports white walls, a long black desk and a few photos of the sailboat team that Zentai bodysuit…[Read more]

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  • By suggesting that they operate out of a “Marxist ideology”, the Centre for catsuit Independent Studies is making a serious attack on the credibility and motivation of a Catholic lay organisation. Australians know that they have nothing to fear from the members the Society of St Vincent de Paul.
    The Centre for Independent Studies, and the Howard…[Read more]

  • Six weeks after officially retiring, the outgoing Anglican Primate of Australia Catsuits Peter Carnley has had little opportunity to reflect on his time as the head of the church. (Carnley, AAP Backgrounder ahead of tomorrow’s election of new primate, By Heather Quinlan, 830 words, on file, with file pix.)
    Tears formed in the eyes of Toni Hoffman…[Read more]

  • Last night, a Mel insider said: “The Catsuits was Mel’s idea. She loves that sort of thing and she was depicted as a dominatrix in the video for her single Word Up.”
    Mel, who has enjoyed mixed fortunes since embarking on her solo career, was performing at the gay Mardi Gras in Finsbury Park, north London.
    She was joined by a string of top names…[Read more]

  • And with enough encouragement, the thawing of frostiness costume spiderman  between the band’s key players should lead to a revival. Here’s what I know. When bassist Frankie Poullain left the band under a dark cloud, it was the beginning of the end. When screaming banshee Justin went it was the, er, end of the end. The remaining members struggled…[Read more]

  • The flamboyant singer wowed the crowds as she strutted her stuff zentai bodysuit in the figure -hugging rubber costume complete with a zip at the crotch and diamond -encrusted nipples.
    Last night, a Mel insider said: “The catsuit was Mel’s idea. She loves that sort of thing and she was depicted as a dominatrix in the video for her single Word…[Read more]

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