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  • WHEN the day started we thought the night would bring Nowhere Boy, instead it delivered â” laser pointer . Everywhere.The rain sounded the death knell for the opening night of Moonlight Cinema on Thursday. But, leaping from the sublime to the, um . . . we made our way to the La Femme Physique Australia fundraiser and calendar launch at the Fashion…>[Read more]

  • This last revelation arose from a study by Princeton University which, astoundingly, revealed that pictures of scantily clad females turned women into sexual objects in the minds of men.
    The study, which could just as easily have been conducted by a pair of indigent alcoholics without them ever having to leave the safety of their cardboard boxes,…[Read more]

  • Members of the Indonesian House of Representatives’ special committee discussing the bill said lawmakers are working to ensure the bill does not have a negative effect on tourism, the Jakarta Post reported Friday.
    To further meet the needs of industry information applications, and promote teaching, training, information technology, network…[Read more]

  • Green pen name suggests, is “green laser pointer” is abbreviated, it can be called “Green Laser Pointer”, “focus-adjust Green Laser Pointer”, “flashlight pointed green star pen”, “Green Laser Pointer” and etc. Green pen is now the world’s most popular Laser Pointer, for green light is 6 times more than red light beam significantly, while the…>[Read more]

  • People were finding ways to beat the heat. There was the rare sight of women in laser pointer sunbathing Thursday in Kolomenskoye park in Moscow, while other people tried to cool off by soaking themselves in fountains and playing in water jets in the Russian capital, Belarus and other parts of Europe.
    But it hasn’t been all fun and games. The air conditioning…>[Read more]

  • Authorities have gathered corroborating evidence of at least some of the gifts and are continuing their investigation, the Times said.
    ”Senator Torricelli has not engaged in any Purple Latex Stockings wrongdoing,” Torricelli attorney Theodore V. Wells Jr. said in a statement Tuesday. ”David Chang’s allegations are false.”
    Torricelli said he would address the allegations Wednesday afternoon. He has repeatedly said he had no knowledge of any illegal activities or campaign contributions. Federal investigators have been looking into his personal and political finances since 1997.
    Chang’s lawyer, Bradley D. Simon, and Marvin Smilon, a spokesman for the U.S. attorney’s office, declined to comment.
    Federal law and congressional ethics rules prohibit lawmakers from accepting gifts worth $50 or more, with a $100 annual limit from any one source. An exception is made for gifts from friends; Torricelli has said that he once considered Chang a friend.
    But lawmakers must list all gifts exceeding $100 on their annual financial disclosure forms. The only gift Torricelli listed from Chang was a $5,000 donation to a legal defense fund Torricelli created for an unrelated case.
    Torricelli, chairman of Senate Democrats’ political and fund-raising PVC Azure Long Stockings arm for the 2000 election, said Sunday on NBC’s ”Meet the Press” that he is trying to be cooperative with the investigation ”in every way that is reasonable.”
    Torricelli said an emphasis in politics on raising big sums of money has helped create an environment ripe for problems. ”These campaigns and the rush to raise so much money bring you in touch with so many people you don’t really know,” he said.
    The haul included fake Costume zentai jewellery and zentai, Hermes scarves and silkware and Fendi, Chanel and Mulberry hand bags.
    There were also order books containing details of customers in the UK, Ireland and even the United States, together with postal orders and bank notes.
    Five police officers and three trading standards enforcement officers from Stockton Council carried out the raid near the Queen’s Campus of the University of Durham.
    The raid followed information from one of the designers – Costume PVC Black Long Stockings/a – and HM Revenue and Customs.
    Officers believe the goods were being imported from the Far East,…
    >>[Read more]

  • “I’m one of the world’s greatest shoppers but I find shops are becoming more and more similar, selling the same things all round the world. Mind you, wherever I travel I manage to find irresistible places selling things that interest PVC Blue Long Stockings me design-wise. In London, for instance, Stephen Long (348 Fulham Road, SW10. Tel: 44 20 7352 8226) is a genius, a sorcerer. He has the most perfect English taste and sells the highest possible level of 18th- and 19th -century ceramic and glass decorative objects. I’ve been shopping there for nearly 40 years. The first item I ever bought there was a 19th-century ceramic baby dish for Paloma Picasso’s 18th birthday in 1967.
    “For 18th and 19th-century picture frames, Lacy Gallery (203 Westbourne Grove, London, W11. Tel: 4420 7229 6340) is wonderful. When I was there a few months ago I met a American who thought they were so beautiful she had covered an entire wall with the frames and no pictures in them.
    “I was in Copenhagen recently doing the Christmas decorations for the Tivoli Gardens, and have taken a big interest in early 20th-century Danish design which coincides with modern design. I always go a fantastic gallery called Gyrn Arts & Antiques (Kompagnistraede 11, Copenhagen 1208. Tel: 45 3315 2346) which has a good selection of recent Danish antiquities in sombre colours with shapes based on classic PVC Coffee Long Stockings Oriental designs but very modern. Nothing is exaggerated and it’s utter simplicity and perfection of form. Across the street is CE Fritzsche (Kompagnistraede 12. Tel: 45 3315 1788,, a very contemporary studio selling Danish and Scandinavian glass of a very high level of taste.
    “I’m setting tables and entertaining constantly, which takes a lot of ceramic and glassware so I’m always shopping in places that sell tableware. For 20 years I’ve worked with Mr Suguso, who has a store in Venice (Archimede Seguso, 143 St Mark’s Square. Tel: 3904 173 9065). He has the most advanced ideas of glass-making and is one of the last generation of great Venetian glass-makers.
    “Some remarkable ideas and things are found at the most obvious places. I love the shopping arcade of the Ritz Hotel in Paris (15 Place Vendome, 75008. Tel: 331 4316 3030, It’s a pretty jewel box of an arcade with around 50 shops selling a fantastic collection of frivolous and beautiful things. Every time I go I buy six things. The last time I went with the editor -in-chief of French Vogue I bought wonderful anodised-aluminium PVC Flesh Long…>>>[Read more]

  • Value Many factors effect the value of a piece of jewellery -from its age and its designer to the material and craftsmanship.
    George Stackpoole, president of the Irish Antique Dealer’s Association (IADA) and the antiques expert on RTE’s Open House, said: “For those with money, big names such as Bulgari or Faberge obviously PVC Navy Blue Long…[Read more]

  • If a silk scarf is on your shopping list, drop by a Hermes boutique and ask for the Music of the Spheres design produced in aid of Pro Musicis, a foundation which assists emerging musicians as well as funding concerts for the Red Super Hero Lycra Costume elderly, underprivileged or disabled. The scarf ($ 1,870) features the 17th-century Medici viola created by Stradivarius.
    Swarovski is a good source for crystal gifts and festive pieces include a cut -crystal sleigh, as well as annual edition angel and star ornaments. Spend over $ 1,000 and you could win a crystal swan in a lucky draw.
    For lovers of hand-writing, Omas has the fascinating Signs for Children collection of 24 pieces based on drawings by famous people in various fields. The limited edition pens are in silver and gold. Part of the proceeds goes to Unicef.
    Collectors will also appreciate Caran d’Ache’s solid silver La Modernista fountain pen, produced in a limited edition of 1,888 pieces. Its shell pattern inlaid with blue enamel is repeated in a cut-glass ink well.
    Fun gift ideas abound at Warner Bros Studio Store. How about some plush Tweety slippers or a Looney Tunes T-shirt in an authentic film reel canister? Items with a Christmas theme include Tweety sculptural mugs, a Sylvester and Red The Flash Shiny Metallic Super Hero Costume Tweety teapot and a musical figurine of this duo with Bugs Bunny. There is also merchandise from the new film Space Jam, starring Michael Jordan opposite Bugs Bunny.
    Another treasure-trove of ideas for the whole family is the Metropolitan Museum of Art Shop.
    Keep children occupied with kits to make stained-glass pictures, accessories for role playing and construction toys. Items based on Maurice Sendak’s Wild Thing monsters include a limited edition clock made of environmentally friendly material and crafted by the disabled.
    For men, there are silk ties and 24-carat gold electroplated Spandex zentai inspired by art and ancient artefacts in the…>>[Read more]

  • But guys are no longer shying from shining.
    “One day I just thought it would be cool to wear them,” said twentysomething Jasmin Purple Shiny Metallic Super Hero Costume Tremblay, who sports two cubic zirconium-encrusted earrings and a long zirconium necklace with a gold and silver pendant featuring Versace’s famous Medusa cameo.
    He’s worn that look for three years, he said, partly influenced by music icons in magazines and videos.
    Even high-end jewellery store Birks is noticing the shift.
    “Men are more comfortable wearing and buying jewellery for themselves,” said Donna Battista, public relations manager for Birks. “We can thank hip hop and movie stars for that, and some sports stars, too.”
    No slender gold pendant chains for today’s men. Big and chunky give the glitter a shot of virility whether it be bracelets, necklace chains or rings. But more gold means more pricey, so men are opting for sterling silver and stainless steel.
    “It gives a big look at a fraction of the price,” said Gord Hayward, general Red Batgirl Robin Shiny Metallic Super Hero Costume merchandise manager of jewellery for The Bay. But big must also be sleek, which is the idea behind the stainless steel collection, often mixed with silver, gold, leather and rubber.
    “It’s a harder look, more biker- friendly, more techno-inspired. All those things give it a fresh new look,” Hayward said.
    Birks has jumped in with its Biker Chic line, which features bracelets and rings with the stark contrast of black on steel.
    “The focus is on texture and new materials for a more masculine look,” Battista said.
    “We see a bit of an influence of world cultures with the popularity of leather and wood as well,” added Birks store manager Caroline Gauthier. “Which is perfect for a city like Montreal.”
    It’s undeniable that the trendsetting celebrity echelons have had a hand in popularizing men’s jewels. When Pierce Brosnan appeared in the Italian Vogue wearing a single green Tahitian pearl on a leather necklace, European men flocked to the stores to get one, Gauthier said.
    Costume zentai jewellers in the U.S. reported a spike in the sales of a certain bracelet after Brad Pitt wore one in the film Ocean’s Twelve.
    “Hollywood men are really the ones giving directions to the rest of the world,” Hayward said.
    The proof is in the dog tag. Another hot-selling item in stores like Birks and urban hip hop emporiums is the military ID pendant, jazzed up with patterns, engravings, stones, and flag designs for patriotic types.
    It can all be traced to the hip hop world, where the size of a man’s gem sets him apart. At Angelica Jewels on Ste. Catherine St., which caters to the urban client, one of their better sellers is a gold, puck-size image of Jesus’s face with a white gold beard and headband.
    Intricate crosses sheathed in diamonds, rings with multiple levels of Red Elastigirl Helen Parr Lycra Super Hero Costume/a diamonds and watches circled with the stones are prominently displayed.…>>[Read more]

  • Well, yes, some do. I met such a man, several years ago, in a meeting. He wore French cuff shirts and White Lycra Spandex Unisex Spiderman Zentai Costume. He wore a tie bar – that small, usually gold, rod that extends across the collar, forcing the tie’s knot to stick out in a continual flourish. He wore a tie clip, a device that looks like a wide…>[Read more]

  • As long as you are not going in for Grunge this winter, Spider Hero Spandex Unisex Zentai Catsuit for men and women seem to be the hottest jewels in town. You can view the whole gamut of cufflink design at an exhibition at Sandra Cronan (18 Burlington Arcade, London W1, December 2-24). The exhibition, which shows zentai from their virtual beginnings to the present day, is based on a superb private collection of about 160 pairs put together by a discerning collector over the last 20 years.
    The story of zentai is still largely uncharted territory. It is most likely they were first worn in the late 17th century when men’s clothes underwent a drastic change, initiated by Charles II. The doublet was replaced by a long waistcoat worn with a coat over it. Dress started to become simpler, and lace was eventually replaced at cuff and neck by jewels. The earliest pair of zentai in the exhibition date from this time, about 1670 to 1700, and although we cannot be absolutely certain, they are possibly ryal jewels and historically extremely valuable. Beneath a slice of faceted rock crystal is a gold monogram of crossed ”C”s beneath a royal crown, suggesting the initials of Charles II and his Queen, Catherine of Braganza, whom he married in 1662.
    By the early 19th century the gentleman’s rather rococo outfits had given way to functional simplicity. Jewels too were toned down and since then men’s jewellery has remained mostly functional. It was not until the mid to late 19th century that the shirt and cuff took its present form and most of the zentai in the exhibition, and on the market in general, date from this time. The most appealing and inventive were made from 1910 to 1930. The exhibition also offers some dapper dress sets: the superbly crafted glossy Edwardian or Art Deco sets of White Lycra Spandex Unisex Spiderman Zentai Costume and shirt studs for evening wear, first introduced with the dinner jacket in the 1880s.
    Like tiepins, zentai offer an acceptably manly outlet for humour, fantasy or sheer love of decoration. They also make ideal presents, especially if chosen to reflect a hobby or passion, like chess or train spotting, drinking or gambling.
    The versatility of goldwork is a strong theme in the exhibition everything from the smoothest, plainest matt gold slices to elaborately chased neo-Gothic dragons or classical Bacchic masks dripping with grapes. American tycoons being snappy dressers there are lots of decorative American examples, including several by Costume zentai/b & Co.
    Enamels gave zentai intense colour, from ruby red hearts to glossy bottle green ovals embedded with diamonds. Enamel was a favourite vehicle for Edwardian whimsy, like the…>
    >>[Read more]

  • At the door, there is a bouncer, Junior, a minor celebrity in his own right, to keep the crowds costume spiderman under control. He has a guest list for Patrick Cox’s friends, so they won’t be kept waiting along with the hoi polloi. And as a result, scenes of pandemonium in the shop have become commonplace. One famous anecdote has two women…>[Read more]

  • “Globalization can lead to monopolies and the exploitation of people and that is when it must be reined in, Catsuits” said Bertelli, who has a reputation for being both smart and impossible. Leaning back in his starkly furnished Milan office, which sports white walls, a long black desk and a few photos of the sailboat team that Zentai bodysuit sponsors, he added: “Globalization can also bring great advancement. It is a necessity, but it must be done in a way that respects people and their culture.”
    The 58-year-old executive knows something about culture. The Fondazione Zentai bodysuit has been sponsoring contemporary artists for a decade and saw to it that New York’s Tribeca Film Festival made its way to Milan this year. The Fondazione has rooted Zentai bodysuit even more in Milan, a city that breathes fashion — and Zentai bodysuit in particular.
    Miuccia Zentai bodysuit’s grandfather opened the company’s first store in 1913 in Milan’s galleria, equidistant from the opera house La Scala and the city’s cathedral. The store still stands in the same spot and looks much as it did 91 years ago.
    Bertelli may have married into a Milanese family, but he has never renounced his Tuscan roots. He spends half of every week immersed in the hills and vineyards of his native region, where he has a villa and where he can keep his eye on the catsuit production facilities dispersed throughout central Italy.
    Zentai bodysuit still produces everything from Spiderman costume, belts and handbags to clothing in Italy, something of a novelty in an era…>>>>>>[Read more]

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  • By suggesting that they operate out of a “Marxist ideology”, the Centre for catsuit Independent Studies is making a serious attack on the credibility and motivation of a Catholic lay organisation. Australians know that they have nothing to fear from the members the Society of St Vincent de Paul.
    The Centre for Independent Studies, and the Howard…>[Read more]

  • Six weeks after officially retiring, the outgoing Anglican Primate of Australia Catsuits Peter Carnley has had little opportunity to reflect on his time as the head of the church. (Carnley, AAP Backgrounder ahead of tomorrow’s election of new primate, By Heather Quinlan, 830 words, on file, with file pix.)
    Tears formed in the eyes of Toni Hoffman as she contemplated the possibility the inquiry she helped set up could suddenly come crashing down. (Doctor, AAP Backgrounder, 726 words, By Roberta Mancuso, on file.)
    Prime Minister John Howard’s meetings with US President George W Bush and British Prime Minister Tony Blair later this month will have a new resonance after the tragic London bombings. (Newscope Federal, AAP News Analysis, zentai bodysuit By Maria Hawthorne, to come Friday. EDS NOTE: Newscope in IR reforms flagged yesterday will not move.)
    The rise and rise of Hillsong church. (Hillsong, AAP Newsfeature, By Nick Ralston, about 600 words, to come Friday.)The contamination threat against Snickers and Mars bars has again raised questions about the vulnerability of food in Australia. (catsuit  Snickers, AAP Newsfeature, By Katherine Danks and David Crawshaw, 900 words, on file.)
    Since the early 1950s, Charles Zentai – Charlie to his friends – has been a pillar of the community of Willetton, in Perth’s non-descript southern suburbs.…>>>>>[Read more]

  • Last night, a Mel insider said: “The Catsuits was Mel’s idea. She loves that sort of thing and she was depicted as a dominatrix in the video for her single Word Up.”
    Mel, who has enjoyed mixed fortunes since embarking on her solo career, was performing at the gay Mardi Gras in Finsbury Park, north London.
    She was joined by a string of top names including camp presenter Graham Norton, Sugababes and Atomic Kitten.
    Allstars pop beauty Thaila sent temperatures costume spiderman soaring when she peeled off to reveal a skimpy bikini top.
    The festival was preceded by a colourful gay pride march and parade catsuit which wove its way from Hyde Park to Victoria in central London.
    And about 400 gay couples took part in mass blessings conducted by a priest in a symbolic wedding ceremony.
    The event proved a magnet for campaigners and revellers calling for the legalisation of gay weddings and for new…>>>>>[Read more]

  • And with enough encouragement, the thawing of frostiness costume spiderman  between the band’s key players should lead to a revival. Here’s what I know. When bassist Frankie Poullain left the band under a dark cloud, it was the beginning of the end. When screaming banshee Justin went it was the, er, end of the end. The remaining members struggled…>[Read more]

  • The flamboyant singer wowed the crowds as she strutted her stuff zentai bodysuit in the figure -hugging rubber costume complete with a zip at the crotch and diamond -encrusted nipples.
    Last night, a Mel insider said: “The catsuit was Mel’s idea. She loves that sort of thing and she was depicted as a dominatrix in the video for her single Word Up.”
    Mel,…>>[Read more]

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