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BuddyPress 12.0.0 Release Candidate

Published on November 28th, 2023 by Mathieu Viet

The first release candidate (RC1) for BuddyPress 12.0.0 is now available!

This version of the BuddyPress software is a development version. Please do not install, run, or test this version of BuddyPress on production or mission-critical websites. Instead, it’s recommended that you evaluate 12.0.0-RC1 on a test server and site.

Reaching this phase of the release cycle is an important milestone. While release candidates are considered ready for release, testing remains vital to ensure that everything in BuddyPress 12.0.0 is the best it can be.

You can test WordPress 12.0.0-RC1 in four ways:

The current target for the BuddyPress 12.0.0 release is December 6, 2023. Get an overview of the 12.0.0 release cycle, and check the BP Development updates blog for 12.0.0 related posts.

What’s new in 12.0.0-RC1 ?

  • We made three new improvements to the BP Nouveau template pack:
    • Member and Group loop entries are now more consistent (see #9025)
    • A group’s excerpt in a loop is now “really” truncating the Group’s description when it exceeds 225 characters (see #9024).
    • We have made the member’s cover header action buttons behave more consistently (see #9023)
  • We also added other improvements to this template pack to welcome the Twenty Twenty-Four WordPress theme, including a new Priority Navigation feature (See #9030).

12.0.0 Highlights

The BP Rewrites API (a massive change!)

  • Site Administrators now have a full control over all BuddyPress-generated URLs. They can choose slugs (portions of URLs) that reflect their community, using localized language or special terms that are more meaningful to their members. All also means that URLs generated by third-party BuddyPress Add-ons using the BP Rewrites API will be editable.
  • BuddyPress is fully compatible with plain URL permalinks.
  • Parsing BuddyPress URLs is fastermore reliable, extensible, testable and fully compliant with WordPress best practices.
  • Please note that if some of your BP plugins are not ready yet for this new API we have you covered thanks to this backwards compatibility plugin.

A new community visibility level: Members only

Thanks to the BP Rewrites API, we were able to give site admins a choice as to whether their community should be fully public or only accessible by logged-in members. In future versions, we hope to add granularity to this choice, so that community administrators can choose to highlight their members but share activities only inside the community “gates” for example. 

Ways to contribute

BuddyPress is open source software made possible by a community of people collaborating on and contributing to its development.

Get involved in testing

Testing for issues is critical to developing the software and ensuring its quality. It’s also a meaningful way for anyone to contribute—whether you have coding experience or not.

If you think you’ve found a bug, you can share it with us replying to this support topic or if you’re comfortable writing a reproducible bug report, file one on BuddyPress Trac.

Help translate BuddyPress

Do you speak a language other than English? Help us translate BuddyPress into as many languages as possible! This release also marks the string freeze point of the 12.0.0 release schedule.

BP Classic 1.2.0

Published on November 21st, 2023 by Mathieu Viet

Dear end users & site owners,

Never heard about BP Classic? You should read the Add-on’s first version announcement post. Please note version 1.2.0 is now available for upgrade/download.

What about 1.2.0 changes?

3 issues have been fixed:

  • Avoid a type mismatch issue during the migration process (See #27).
  • Only check once BuddyPress current config & version are ok (See #28).
  • Make sure the migration script is run on Multisite (See #31).

Many thanks to the contributors who helped BP Classic be ready for the next BP major release (12.0.0)

@imath @emaralive

NB: BuddyPress 12.0.0 is still under development (final release is scheduled to December 6). You can contribute to BP Classic to check it makes sure the third party plugins – not ready yet for the BP Rewrites API (to be introduced in 12.0.0) – you are using will behave as expected thanks to this backwards compatibility add-on. To do so simply test it & your BP plugins with the BP 12.0.0-beta4 pre-release and report issues adding a reply to this topic.

Please upgrade!

BuddyPress 12.0.0-beta4

Published on November 8th, 2023 by Mathieu Viet

Hello BuddyPress contributors!

If you haven’t tested our 3 previous beta releases, here’s a fresh opportunity to join the 28 contributors who helped build 12.0.0 so far. Whether you’re a new, regular or advanced user, a theme designer or a plugin author: we really need you to beta test our next major release, please contribute!

12.0.0 will introduce the BP Rewrites API overhauling the way that BuddyPress builds and parses URLs as well as a new community visibility feature. Learn more about these changes by reading the beta1 announcement post.

What’s new since beta3?

We’ve fixed a dozen bugs and added new developer documentation pages explaining important changes introduced in 12.0.0:

We also updated the 12.0.0 release schedule and delayed it a bit to make it as great as possible. It’s now slated to be released December 6. Please, help us meet this new deadline by testing 12.0.0 as thoroughly as possible 🙏.

You can test BuddyPress 12.0.0-beta4 in 4 ways :

If you find something weird, please report it on BuddyPress Trac, post a reply to this support topic or get in touch with us on our Slack channel.

Thanks in advance for your contributions 🤝

BuddyPress 11.4.0 Maintenance Release

Published on October 30th, 2023 by Mathieu Viet

Immediately available is BuddyPress 11.4.0. This maintenance release fixes 1 bug and adds a new Admin Notifications feature to prepare the next BuddyPress major version (12.0.0). For details on the changes, please read the 11.4.0 release notes.

Update to BuddyPress 11.4.0 today in your WordPress Dashboard, or by downloading from the plugin repository.

Many thanks to 11.4.0 contributors 

 vapvarun, martenw, dcavinsimath.

BuddyPress 11.4.0-beta1

Published on October 21st, 2023 by Mathieu Viet

Hello community!

We usually build pre-releases for next BuddyPress major versions, this one’s goal is to make sure we can safely publish our next maintenance release (11.4.0). Why?

To prepare the release of our next major version (12.0.0), we want to make sure as much as possible WordPress site Administrators acknowledge important informations about it, before upgrading. To do so we exceptionally decided to include a new feature into the 11.4.0 maintenance release, which should be the last 11.0 branch release.

Introducing a new Admin Notifications center.

Screenshot of the new Admin notifications center

BP Admin Notifications are important messages from the BP Core Team to all WordPress Site Administrators using the BuddyPress plugin.

If the BP Notifications component is active, BP Admin notifications are temporarily replacing regular notifications for all members having the Administrator role on the site. As soon as one of the site Administrators has clicked on all Admin Notification’s “dismiss” links or call to action buttons, they’ll find back their regular notifications.

BP Admin Notifications will be generated and viewable even if the BP Notifications component is not active.

What is the expected behavior of this feature we want you to test?

We need to make sure the  11.4  BP Admin Notification is generated when you perform an upgrade from a previous BuddyPress version or when you install BuddyPress for the first time using the 11.4.0 release. In other words, on a staging site or locally, we’d love you to:

  1. Download and activate the BuddyPress latest stable version (11.3.2), then once done, use the Upload Plugin button of your WP Administration’s “Add new” plugin screen to replace it with the 11.4.0-beta1 version.
  2. on a fresh WordPress installation, directly activate the 11.4.0-beta1 version.

If for 1 of these 2 scenarios, as an Administrator, you can’t see the exclamation mark inside the BP Notifications bubble of the WP Admin Bar or if when you click on it you are not reaching the BP Admin notifications center’s screen as shown in the screenshot above, please send us a bug report here.

We plan to release BuddyPress 11.4.0 on next Thursday (October 26), please help us respect this plan contributing to testing 11.4.0-beta1.

You can get BuddyPress 11.4.0-beta1 in 3 ways :

  • Download the beta here (zip file).
  • Check out our SVN repository: svn co
  • Clone our read-only Git repository: 
    • git clone git:// buddypress
    • git checkout 11.0

Thanks in advance for your help 🙏.

BuddyPress 11.3.2 Security Release

Published on October 17th, 2023 by Mathieu Viet

BuddyPress 11.3.2 is now available. This is a security release. All BuddyPress installations should be updated as soon as possible.

The 11.3.2 release addresses the following security issue:

  • A Potential Cross Site Scripting using Members/Groups block props by a user having a contributor role vulnerability. Discovered by Rafie Muhammad (Patchstack).

This vulnerability was reported privately to the BuddyPress team, in accordance with WordPress’s security policies. Our thanks to the reporter for practicing coordinated disclosure.

For complete details, visit the 11.3.2 changelog.

You can get the latest version by clicking on the above button, downloading it from the plugin directory or checking it out from our Subversion repository.

If for a specific reason you can’t upgrade to 11.3.2, we have also ported the security fix to BuddyPress versions going all the way back to 7.0. Here’s the list of the available downloads for the corresponding tags, you can also find these links on our Plugin Directory “Advanced” page:

  • If you are using BP 7.x and can’t upgrade to 11.3.1, please upgrade to 7.3.4
  • If you are using BP 8.x and can’t upgrade to 11.3.1, please upgrade to 8.0.4
  • If you are using BP 9.x and can’t upgrade to 11.3.1, please upgrade to 9.2.2
  • If you are using BP 10.x and can’t upgrade to 11.3.1, please upgrade to 10.6.2

BuddyPress 12.0.0-beta3

Published on October 3rd, 2023 by Mathieu Viet

Hello BuddyPress contributors!

If you haven’t tested our two first beta releases (👉 please read this post about beta1), please consider testing this third and last beta release. Beta testing is the best way to make sure the final release will fit perfectly into your WordPress / BuddyPress specific configuration. 12.0 is introducing a very important change about how BuddyPress URLs are built, analyzed and routed and more than ever we need your help to reach this important milestone for the plugin.

What’s new since beta2?

We’ve fixed 4 bugs and improved the BuddyPress URLs settings screen help area.

12.0.0 is slated to October 30, thanks in advance to all the contributors who will give us a hand to get there 😍.

You can test BuddyPress 12.0.0-beta3 in 4 ways :

If you find something weird, please report it on BuddyPress Trac, post a reply to this support topic or get in touch with us on our Slack channel.

Happy testing 👩🏻‍💻🧑🏾‍💻

BP Attachments 1.2.0

Published on September 24th, 2023 by Mathieu Viet

Immediately available is BP Attachments 1.2.0. This BuddyPress Add-on maintenance release main goal is to fix two annoying issues (one of them is a regression introduced in previous minor release). Please make sure to upgrade asap.

Read more →

BP Classic 1.1.0

Published on September 23rd, 2023 by Mathieu Viet

Dear end users & site owners,

If you don’t know yet what’s the purpose of BP Classic, we advise you to read the Add-on’s first version announcement post. In short: BP Classic is a BuddyPress Add-on that is being developed and maintained by the official BuddyPress development team. It mainly provides backwards compatibility for BuddyPress 12.0.0 & up in case your active BuddyPress plugins or theme are not ready yet for the great BP Rewrites API introduced in BuddyPress 12.0.0. It basically brings back the BP Legacy URL parser.

Read more →

BuddyPress 12.0.0-beta2

Published on September 7th, 2023 by Mathieu Viet

Hello BuddyPress contributors!

If you haven’t tested our first 12.0.0 beta release (👈 please read this post), here’s another opportunity to help us make sure it will fit perfectly into your WordPress / BuddyPress specific configuration. Beta testing is very important and more then any other BuddyPress major release, we need you all, whether you’re a regular or advanced user, a theme designer or a plugin author: please contribute!

What’s new since beta1?

We’ve been working on improving documentation about 12.0.0 changes and giving advanced users some more customization options about the coming visibility feature.

We’ve fixed 8 bugs, the most important one was about the BuddyPress menu items we are making available in the WP Nav Menu management interfaces (Administration screen and customizer). We took this opportunity to document how BuddyPress is dealing with these interfaces.

The final release is slated to October 30 and we need you to get there: do test this beta release of BuddyPress 🙏.

You can test BuddyPress 12.0.0-beta2 in 4 ways :

If you find something weird, please report it on BuddyPress Trac, post a reply to this support topic or get in touch with us on our Slack channel.

Thanks in advance for your contributions 🤝

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