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Re: Activation Email not being sent



Help?!?!?! I am having the same problem except once a new user the hits “Submit Query” (which why does it say that anyway rather than register?) it just comes back to the same page with no error message. I am running WPMU 3.0BP Everything was working fine. I’m not sure if it was the upgrade or a plug-in I installed, or some stupid error I made. I note that the last person who registered was 5 days ago. I am very new at the program and do not know yet how to code (but trying to learn!) I’ve dug all over, but can’t seem to figure it out. I am presenting the site at a conference for a school project, and now it suddenly stopped working! I am a broke grad student, but if someone can help me out, I can throw a few bucks their way if they can help me get it fixed before Saturday! The site is . I can be reached to chat or email at digitaldance007 . PLEASE HELP!!!! :)

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