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Re: activity feed – feed not working after upgrade 1.1.3



ok, figured out another hack to get post deletes working on 1.1.3 Please read all my other entries and follow the same precautions. I am as of yet completely baffeled as to why this is happening and even more baffeled as to why the fixes work. on my site I had three problems, all with the activity stream as follows. could not delete a post, could not use RSS on the activity stream and post times are off by exactly the number of hous my server is off GMT.

While I still believe these are all related in some wierd way, I have yet to discover it. my changes are just code hacks that can only be done when the installed system is known.

here is the fix for delete post:

Find this file

http://yourdomain/yourinstalledfolder/wp-content/plugins/buddypress/bp-activity bp-activity-templatetags.php

Find this line:

function bp_activity_delete_link()

6 lines below find this href statement segment

$bp->root_domain . ‘/’ . $bp->activity->slug . ‘/delete/

modify this seciton to this:

$bp->root_domain . ‘/buddypress/’ . $bp->activity->slug . ‘/delete/

by adding; buddypress/

this should fix the delete buttons on your activity stream itself and return you to the correct page after deletion.


PS please let me know how it works for you.

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