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Re: adding content to the 1.2 default theme homepage

@Everyone: Thank you so much for the replies but I’m not sure the issue is being understood. The issue is the template hierarchy not working as it should. Without changing anything in your reading settings home.php should be used for the homepage and index.php should be used for the /blog/ slug. That no longer works.

@Mike: I was trying to change the slug since /blog/ no longer works. It worked before. / used home.php and /blog/ used index.php and both had functioning loops that returned posts.

@MrMaz: That works to change the homepage but the template hierarchy seems broken (see above). I can set up the homepage to manually use a page with home.php assigned as it’s template and then I can actually link to /blog/ and it WILL use index.php (yay)… but the only posts the loop returns i.e… if ( have_posts() ) : while ( have_posts() ) : the_post(); is the page you’re on since (I’m guessing) /blog/ is not longer considered a home page.

Perhaps I need to have TWO custom queries? That may be the solution. Use my custom query for the homepage (however that is set and using either home.php or index.php… all irrelevant)… and then a custom template assigned to whatever page I want (maybe a page called Archives) that uses a custom query to return all posts from the database (i.e. so the loop results won’t be based on the slug… but on your custom query). Seems like a few hoops to go though. Worked fine before simply by using the WordPress template heirarchy and / and /blog/. As long as I can get it working though… it’s all good.

@foralien: It’s a root install.

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