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Re: Announcement: BuddyPress RC-1

I should also note a few things here for people to be aware of when upgrading:

– If you upgrade from a previous version and are using your own custom theme, you will need to copy over the functions.php from the latest buddypress-home theme.

– Nonce security has been added. This means input forms now have hidden “_wpnonce” fields that ensure that the user has intent when submitting information. You will need to add these fields to the forms if you are using a custom theme. You can see where to add them by looking here. Look for <?php wp_nonce_field( … ) ?>

– You may find some activity stream items around blog posts will take some time to re-cache and update properly. Give it a few days.

– If you get a white screen. Check your logs, this will tell you the error. More often than not, it’s because you haven’t updated the functions.php file in your theme.

– “News” in the home theme has changed to “Blog”. Update your permalinks if necessary.

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