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Re: bbimg My attempt at photos…



I’m watching this back and forth and wondering, what would be most successful long-term.

My answer: Standardization. Otherwise, I find it hard to believe someone will keep such an ambitious project going. This will likely happen through inclusion in core or just adoption rates.

Right now, I need a solution that works with BP, allows user-uploaded content and ties into third-party hosting. As WP moves more into CMS-mode, many of the “features” described in this post will be desirable for non-bloggers running large community sites. I think that for many nearly-free sites, creating large userbases is going to be a big problem in 6-12 months. I’m trying to plan around that problem.

I posted my ideas of extending the Cincopa plugin at I’d love thoughts on that, but I’d support a commercial solution for support that solved my third party hosting issue.

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