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Re: bbpress 1.0 integrates well now



heh, this is insane, I’ve been trying different methods all the time and still cannot get everything done properly. I think I am having issues only with cookies now. Single sign on doesn’t work but I can properly log-in on forum and wpmu with my username I registered on wpmu. I’ve been checking cookies array and after loging to forum 1 more appears that’s why I think I have a problem with this part. Also, when I log-in as an admin to wpmu and in another tab as and forumadmin to bbpress – I cannot access forum admin section for some reason. Please note these are 2 different users in database.

Could you guys point me into the right direction where something can be wrong? I am running out of all permutations where should I change something :)

I am nearly there, I know it, it must be something simple I am missing. Please help, it’s 3rd day I cannot crack it!

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