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Re: Best Plugin for a points system



Thanks for All the suggestions Cube Points seems to have all I need for now but I have a couple of questions about it, if anyone knows how to solve it:

Anyway here is a couple of questions:
1. Is there anyway to add a text popup or something that says “Congratulations you just earned x points!” (like Yahoo Answers)
2. I want to format ever users profile page like this: As you can see I’m probably going to need a list of Template Tags, Like the points which should be like you mentioned, and I’ll also need to find the code to display their rank and possibly rank image.
3. This might be off topic, but how would I detect whether or not the user is a moderator on any forum on the profile page so I can display an image identifying them as a moderator?
4. I also want to display the users stats in the Forum Posts, and on the sidebar in their User Control Panel (A Custom area I made once a user logs in:) see here for an example of how I am trying to get the forum topic to look:

Has anyone tried that kind of thing.

Any suggestions or tips would be appreciated.

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