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Re: Blog link in top bar returns “not found”



Ok… I took a look at BP sites were this blog link works… For instance:

The main difference I saw is that its categories looks like:

…while mine looks like:

… so my WP is asumming$ as a category… that\’s why it rendered /blog with archive.php

Given all these… I changed my permalink structure from /%category%/%postname%/ (my favorite!!!) to /cat/%category%/%postname%/ and I set the category base slug to cat

Now, when I try to access I finally see my testing posts… BUT the title still shows Nothing found for Blog

Holy smokes!!!

1) How do I keep my favorite permalink structure?

2) Why it shows \”Nothing Found\” in the title… even when it got 2 posts?

3) If I cannot use /cat/postname permalink structure anymore… which one should be used instead?


Well…I made ANOTHER workaround… :( I would really like to know to really solve this issue:

I changed my permalink structure to:

/-/%category%/%postname%/ (I added an ugly dash at the beginning)

And I changed my category base to –

The only remaining problem with this workaround is with the title: It shows “Nothing found” even when it found 2 posts… It should be an error/bug in the bp_page_title() function.

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