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Re: BP Content Tags Project – Call For Ideas

I just want to make sure we have the right idea here:

I belong to the group “Transformers is awesome”.

I’m browsing a BuddyPress site and come across a blog post on Transformers, that has some interesting facts. I think to myself, this is cool, I’d love other members of the group “Transformers is awesome” to be notified of this. I’ll “tag” this content to that group, perhaps by entering a unique group tag for “Transformers is awesome” or selecting the group from a menu.

I continue browsing and come across some photos of the new Transformers II movie, I think, that would be cool to show in the group too. I decide to “tag” those photos to the group as well.

I also find a cool quote on someone’s wire that says “Transformers release date is April 3rd 2009”. I “tag” that content to the group too.

When I return to the “Transformers is awesome” group home page, I see that the content I have “tagged” appears on the home page (perhaps in a “latest tagged” box) for all the group members to see. There may (and probably should be) an approval process in between a piece of content being “tagged” and it showing on the group page.


Actual content tagging would be cool too, so you tag anything on the site, and those tags then become content groups. However, that is a MUCH bigger job, and would probably render group creation irrelevant down the line (all in good time).

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