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Re: BP Groupblog Error – Call to undefined function

still giving


Sorry, I did not mean -core.php, I just meant ‘core development’ as in the management use of the term.

R-A-Y, please, “Bloat” is a 150MB printer driver … a few kb of BP is not “bloat”. Good heavens, old chap, it is not 1997 any more. We have moved on a bit since 28k modems you know, otherwise WP would be written in machine code.

What I mean is BP is now part of the Auttomatic stable, right? Could its development just not run in tandem to WPs development so that releases came out together at the same time and worked?

If such was to happen, my vote would be for group blog to be included as a core element of the BP concept. It is a great idea and, if implemented, it is too great a loss for it to break, be lost or forgotten when Marius gets run over by a bus.

How does that process take place?

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