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Re: BP1.2+ Plugin Wishlists



I have quite a list.

– Database which allows users to add to it and comment/give their opinion about, basically something like imdb.

– The many questioned gallery plugin, I’m working on a non-profit project right now, so I’m not paying for anything.

– Invites plugin, make your users invite other users through importing their im list for example.

– Start user plugin, a plugin which tours people around the site and let them do certain things For example by letting them do 5 steps, and through a percentage meter, tell them how many steps they’ve done. This will make it easier for users to see what they can do on your site and how stuff works.

– Forum inside buddypress thats not linked to groups.

That’s probably not even all the stuff I would want for Buddypress, just the things I can come up with at the moment. :)

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