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Re: Broken blogs plugin (rev 597)

Burt Adsit


I just used SVN update this morning to r597 and I don’t get a syntax error. Great and wonderful google tells me:

“Parse Error: parse error, unexpected T_SL” What does that mean?

T_SL is the /T/oken for the /S/hift /L/eft operator (<<).

so “unexpected T_SL” means there is an occurence of << that is

syntactically incorrect. this commonly happens when you use heredoc

syntax (“<<<“) and have whitespace before or after the closing

identifier, or after the opening identifier. See

ring.syntax.heredoc for details.

It is also common when a source code management system (CVS or

Subversion) cannot resolve a merge and has to place <<<<<<<< markers in

the code.

Since I doubt it had anything to do with the 1st paragraph, more than likely it has to do with the 2nd paragraph. Look at the code and see what you see there.

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