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Re: BuddyPress Contents 1.0 Plugin Released – Tags, Categories in BP



I actually have (unofficially and without asking) updated this plugin for my personal site only and it works as far as I tested it. I don’t mind making that available, but have no interest to offer any tech support whatsoever, neither to adopt this plugin.

I am merely saying that if anyone is looking to mess with this plugin in BP 1.1.X to let me know and I can send you a link. I don’t see any reason for leg work to update this plugin should be done twice, but don’t expect support in any form.

It is a shame that Burt has dropped of the radar recently as he did an incredible job with this plugin. In fact I would assume with the quality of his plugin that Andy could easily take his work and make it into core. Otherwise I hope he will come back soon.

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