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Re: BuddyPress Friends on-line plugin development – any wishes?

Bowe, actually, it’s in Russian )) And yes, my plugin display only those of your friends, who are currently on-line. Or rather (due to BuddyPress restriction) it shows those, who were active during the last 5 minutes.

Don’t you think, that if you have 50 friends and at least 20 of them is on-line then the list from the BuddyBar wll be tooooo long…

But I got the idea. Thank you!

Erich73, really the trend is almost perfect :) And I understood what you want. Will see what could be done easily and quickly. But Are you sure that all of that features will be useful for END-USERS (’cause everything we do is for them). Too many options sometimes make them unhappy with your site…

John James Jacoby, glad to see that you interested in my plugin ))

Well, plugin is doin’ almost what you wanted. It filters your friends and currently on-line people (in whole) and then I just check whether on-line person ID is the same as one of your friend’s. You will understand better if you find 2 minutes to see its code.

Thank you all. But I’m waiting more suggestions!

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