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Re: BuddyPress i18n Topics



Not sure if this needs a separate thread, but as it is connected to the original post:

I have spanish speaking users and have uploaded the spanish Buddypress translations.


– The buddybar follows the language settings of the blog it is on, not of the user that is logged in. Meaning that a Spanish speaker (with language settings -> Spanish on their settings) will see a nice Spanish buddybar when on their own blog, but when they go to an English blog (the main blog for example) then the buddybar turns to English, even though it is ‘their’ buddybar, with their blogs and links to their profile etc. Is this by design or a bug?

As the community homepage is almost separate from the main blog, it should follow the user-set language as well when loaded.

– As the translation is available, I think the language of the main blog/home theme should change according to the (logged in) user visiting it, else they are lost on the community homepage. However, currently it sticks strictly to the language settings of the main blog.

update: just created ticket: but would like to hear your thoughts on this as well.

Cheers, Harry

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