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Re: BuddyPress in /plugins/ not /mu-plugins/ from r1303+

Lance Willett


Again, from now on BuddyPress will ONLY work with WPMU 2.7.1+ so please use the 2.7 branch from the WordPress MU SVN repo. Link:

I’ve been using the 2.7 tagged release for MU, not the branch. Are you saying that going forward BuddyPress requires keeping our MU installs up to date with the 2.7 branch rather than using a tag (2.7.1 doesn’t have tag yet I noticed)?

Using the tagged releases is what I always recommend for normal WordPress installs since it’s usually a nice stable release with a clean cutoff at a version number, and doesn’t get committed to generally. But it looks like MU devs (Donncha) don’t tag as often as devs do, so maybe it’s a bad idea to rely on tags for MU.

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