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Re: BuddyPress-Links 0.3 FINAL is here at last


Yes, the comments ARE in the activity-stream, but not as a comment to the activity, but like an update on it’s own (linked to the link page) – I hope you get me. I can reply/comment a link-comment. But I can also comment on a link-activity in the stream without showing the comment as a comment on the link page (wooow, that sounds complicated!)

Don’t get me wrong – I think it’s a great plugin (therefore I translated it). But I would like it even more, when it would be more implemented in the activity-stream. Why all those extra-tabs, when the end-user is used to have everything in the stream. Then I would just need a filter (that is already there) and not an extra my-links-tab.

I think it should be possible, because brajesh somhow did it in the upcoming gallery-plugin. It shows the pictures in the stream and the comments made on a picture, appear attached to it also in the stream.

Those are just some thoughts to keep BP clean and simple with all the functions and plugins to come… Otherwise we will have tons of tabs and special pages…

Hope this is constructive! :-)

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