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Re: BuddyPress-Links 0.3-RC is out



Just testing this right now.

A couple of bugs:

-Right now, I have no links. I create a link, then head on over to the BP activity stream homepage and select “My Links”. Next, I decide I want to delete this one link, so I delete it and head back to the BP activity stream homepage. Because I deleted my only link, there is no active tab on the BP activity stream homepage and therefore, no activity is displayed. It should default back to the “All Members” tab.

-On the Links directory page, the time for my created link is off by 8 hours. It’s correct in the activity stream though.

-If you’re on the BP activity stream page, and you click on the “My Links” tab, if the filter isn’t set to “No Filter” or one of the other link filters, nothing will show up. This isn’t really a bug due to the way the dropdown filter is implemented in BP, but it’s not great usability-wise.

A couple of requests:

-On the Links directory page, is it possible to add a delete or admin button right next to the “comments” link for link owners or site admins?

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