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Re: closed registrations… apparently not



I have similar issues, and I have been pondering possible reasons this occurs.

I take the time to copy domain names that spammers com from, and add them to the mu-options as domains that are not allowed to create an account. I find that even after doing this, sometimes I get several more members with those email addys.. sometimes not.. the past week has seen a lot.

There was a time a few months ago when it was a known bug for this, but I am guessing it’s been fixed in mu by now – (I’m using 2.92 I think).

This is what I am thinking MAY be happening, and I’d love a way to update MU to close this loophole, if indeed it exists.

I am thinking that the spammers actually created a dozen or more accounts, and only activated one at a time. I am thinking that perhaps by the time I add the bad domain to the list of no-signups-allowed, they have already created several others – and simply activate them later.

If this is true, I would love for MU / Buddypress to do a check, when a member actually does this activation, and tell them sorry – the email domain is now on the bad list, and they can not activate.

Not sure if this is true, just a thought.

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