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Re: Convert a WordPress Theme to a BuddyPress Theme

Tim Nicholson


I agree that this is more difficult than it should be. I’m finding that when I try following the buddypress codex on this with using @imports, the admin bar works fine, but pulling in the default theme css screws up a lot of things. I’ve found that just grabbing the default buddypress theme’s css sytles that are in addition to the core wordpress ones is working better.

I really think that the buddypress default theme should do a better job at segregating core wordpress css tags from the buddypress specific ones. The buddypress-specific css styles seem to be too dependend on the core wordpress ones. For example, core wordpress typically removes the dots from

  • entries and the wordpress sub-nav tabs assume that’s already done. I’d like to see the buddypress specific tabs assign all the css properties they need so those can be pasted into an existing theme with ease.
  • While I’m making progress, the time involved to get it perfect is too high. Not to mention buddypress really adds a lot of overhead and slows down my site. I haven’t even installed the bbpress forums yet as I’m scared to death of what that will do to site performance. I’m on a dedicated server, too, and its just not good.

    I’m thinking about writing a tutorial on my site to document what I’m doing to help others with this. However, regarless of what tutorials get published, in the end there is just way too much css tweaking required.

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