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Re: Different profiles for different user types

Hi Everyone – I’m not sure if this is what you are looking for but this is what I did! And NO coding required! lol

Under Buddypress Componet Setup enable the Group Settings. Now go to your profile page and set up as many groups as you like. Then use the Buddy Press Registrations Groups the author page is this – this will have the groups show up on the registration page and they will be asked to select which group they are a FAN of.

If you want you can go to the Editor Page or your FTP or Cpanel for that Plugin and on this page: buddypress-registration-groups-1/includes/bp-registration-groups.php scroll down to you see where it says Fan of and check one or more areas of interest and chance it to whatever your website needs are.

I hope this helps.

Another great plugin is When you put brackets [ ] around any word in your profile it makes it a link to all other members that have that word or phrase linked. So when you click on it all members with that link come up on a list.
Here is a example I use on my directions page for creating their profile.

[Hair Stylist]

I am a [Hair Dresser] [Beauty Salon] owner I offer [Hair Cuts] [Perms]

[Hair Coloring] [Hair Highlighting] [Braiding] and other misc [Hair Care] services.

I am available Monday – Thursday for appointments only.

Again I hope this helps someone!

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