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Re: Error message has a pink box around it

It is not myself you are ticking off it is a few people this will only be evident by the lack of responses you find to your threads, I am attempting to point this out so you can rectify this, my comments regarding your recent posts is meant just as I wrote above and carries no other connotation than that which you impose on it it. You have the skill level required to sort the issue out that you report in this thread, yes there may be a little bit of a learning curve but you should deal with some of the things I’ve had to get to grips with the last few days, we all have to advance and approach unfamiliar things and learn how to deal with them. This is not meant as unhelpful or as some brush off, but with a fair bit of experience over the years troubleshooting layouts for people on forums I can tell you providing an solution to this can only be achieved with access to the pages and using debugging tools such as firebug, this you are better positioned to do than us here on the forum, but we can guide you if you get stuck in and help you to use some essential techniques.

Latly and to re-iterate I have not hinted at anything, if I need to make a point I will do so in a quite obvious and definite manner, I will not hint at things. I do not require that you leave the forum and this forum is NOT mine it is a community project home and I am but a very minor and irrelevant part of it.

I would strongly urge that you spend 10 minutes and give this technical RFC paper a read it’s the definitive treatise on how to deal with forums and lists and will help:

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