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Re: first things first

Try this to make the site always 800px wide in ALL browsers:

in core.css

1) remove the min-width from #main (so it will always be 100% of it’s parent)

2) remove min-width and max-width from body (since you want a fixed width and IE6 doesn’t understand min/max)

3) add “width: 800px;” (or whatever you want) to body (so the entire site will always be this wide)

in admin-bar.css

1) remove “left: 0;” from #wp-admin-bar (so this absolutely positioned element will center itself within the body)

The theme will be a little cramped at 800px… but this should work. Again, if this is just an IE6 issue, I use conditional comments to accomplish what you want (I’m still not 100% sure I understand what you’re trying to achieve).

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